Dayê Rojek Tê – Mother, a day will come

Dayê Rojek Tê by Aynur Doğan

‘Dayê Rojek Tê’ was written by Mr. Shahin Bakir Soekli in 1988. Mr. Soekli is a Kurd from Kobanî, the Kurdish town that came under siege of the Islamic State and Turkey in late 2014. This siege gained global coverage and was considered the turning point in the war against ISIS; a terrorist organization the likes of which the world has not seen since the plague of the Mongolian Hordes.

Kurds from Turkey, just across the border of Kobanî, rushed to the defense of this small town. Men and women fought side by side in close quarters for over six months; the town was completely devastated – but it did not fall. Some have labelled the heroic defense of this town, which prior to this war had little historic significance for the Kurdish nation, the ‘Stalingrad’ of ISIS. Fast forward to now, and now is 25 March 2019, the Islamic State is no more; in fact, the Kurdish High Command declared territorial defeat over this degenerate bunch three days ago.

This… this is pretty much the story of the Kurds. This song, or more properly labelled a ballad, was written by Mr. Soekli over three decades ago. Very few Kurds had heard of his hometown back then. Yet, Kobanî has now become a symbol of resistance and perseverance for Kurds worldwide. Kurdistan has always been heavily contested and wanted by foreign nations; five years ago it was ISIS, but ISIS will be nothing more than a footnote in the turbulent history of these ancient lands.

Many far greater than ISIS tried to impose their degeneracy and hatred on these lands, and all failed. But at a cost far higher than the pride of claiming these victories is worth. For how much longer will families be torn apart and devastated because of perverted ideologies and greed?

Lyrics for and Translation of "Dayê, Rojek Tê"

(Kurmançi) Kurdish Lyrics for “Dayê, Rojek Tê”

Dayê delala minê
Hele bêje çawanî
Destên bavo maç dikim
Silav bo xuşk û bira

Dayê dûrbûn dijwar e
Doza welêt ji bîrnakim
Dil dixwaze vegerim
Çi bikim nikarim

Kurê min bes e vegere
Çavên me li rê qetiya
Ez pîr bûme bavê te kal
Tirş û tal e bo me jî
Kurê min bes e vegere
Li benda te me

Ez heyran lê lê ez qurban dayê rojek tê
Bê xem bê şer welat azad rojek tê
Rojek ronahî rojek bi şahî rojek tê
Bê xem bê şer welat azad rojek tê

English translation for “Dayê, Rojek Tê” (Mother, a Day Will Come)

Lovely mother of mine
Just tell me how you are
I kiss father’s hand
Greet my sister and brother

Mother difficulties are far away
I will not forget the cause of the country
My heart wants to return
What should I do, I cannot

It’s enough son, return
My eyes are exhausted
I’ve become old, your father has become old
This life has become sour and bitter
It’s enough son, return
I am waiting for you

I am zealous my love, mother, a day will come
Without mourning, without war, a free country, a day will come
A brightfull day, a happy day, a day will come
Without mourning, without war, a free country, a day will come…

Translated by Kazjin


Publication Date2019-03-25
Last Update2022-04-07
Song TitleDayê Rojek Tê
Lead MusicianAynur Doğan
Other MusiciansShahin Bakir Soekli
AlbumKeçe Kurdan
LanguageKurmançi Kurdish


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